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We're training the next generation of Biblical counselors and Financial coaches to reach the ever growing needs in our communities. If you have a passion for helping the hurting, helping people with their finances, or a passion for a deeper understanding of God's Word, then we are looking for you!

Biblical Counseling Training: Self-Con

MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR:   Pastor Scott Crutchfield

We are a certified training center of the International Association of Biblical Counselors (www.iabc.net). Our comprehensive program is open to pastors, elders, counselors, and lay people who want to help fellow believers deal with their problems by understanding and applying God's Word. At SkyPath, we use the "Self-Confrontation" Series of books and study guides (available at bcfministries.org) to facilitate the initial part of our Biblical Counseling Training program. For those seeking official certification, the entire program consists of weekly course study, homework, memorization, book abstracts, written and oral exams, counseling observations and supervised counseling. Portions of the curriculum is open to the public as noted below (for those not seeking certification). Please check our Events page for the latest schedule.

Level I - Self Confrontation (open to the public)
Lesson 1 - You Can Change Biblically (pt 1)
Lesson 2 - You Can Change Biblically (pt 2)
Lesson 3 - Man's Way and God's Way (pt 1)
Lesson 4 - Man's Way and God's Way (pt 2)
Lesson 5 - Biblical Dynamics of Change
Lesson 6 - Biblical Basic for Change
Lesson 7 - Biblical Structure for Change
Lesson 8 - Biblical Practice Achieves Lasting Change
Lesson 9 - Dealing with Self (pt 1)
Lesson 10 - Dealing with Self (pt 2)
Lesson 11 - Anger and Bitterness

Level II - Self Confrontation (open to the public)
Lesson 12 - Interpersonal Problems (pt 1)
Lesson 13 - Interpersonal Problems (pt 2)
Lesson 14 - The Marriage Relationship (pt 1)
Lesson 15 - The Marriage Relationship (pt 2)
Lesson 16 - Parent / Child Relationships (pt 1)
Lesson 17 - Parent / Child Relationships (pt 2)
Lesson 18 - Depression
Lesson 19 - Fear and Worry
Lesson 20 - Life Dominating Sins (pt 1)
Lesson 21 - Life Dominating Sins (pt 2)
Lesson 22 - God's Standards for Life
Lesson 23 - Course Exam (written and oral)

Level III - Self Confrontation (open to the public)
Lesson 24 - Biblical Counseling is In-Depth Discipleship
Lesson 25 - A Biblical Understanding of the Disciple / Counselee
Lesson 26 - Your Responsibility as a Biblical Discipler / Counselor
Lesson 27 - Team Discipleship / Counseling
Lesson 28 - Biblical Hope and Authority for Discipler / Counselors
Lesson 29 - Overview of the Biblical Discipleship / Counseling Process
Lesson 30 - Applying Scriptures in Discipleship / Counseling
Lesson 31 - Understanding Problems Biblically
Lesson 32 - Helping a Disciple Judge Self
Lesson 33 - Biblical Hope for Disciples / Counselees
Lesson 34 - Structuring for Biblical Change
Lesson 35 - Assigning Biblical Homework

Level IV - Membership, Evaluation, Practice & Recommendation (available only for those seeking certification)
After you have successfully completed Levels I, II, and III, the SkyPath Training Center Director will guide you through the remaining requirements that must be satisfied in order for you to obtain full certification. Time requirements will vary per individual.
Membership 1 - Read the IABC certification manual
Membership 2 - Read and Affirm the IABC Statement of Faith
Membership 3 - Read and Affirm the IABC Statement of Practice
Membership 4 - Become a member of IABC ($60 annually - becomes $75 annually once certified)
Membership 5 - Submit (3) Character Reference forms (1 friend, 1 pastor, 1 colleague)
Evaluation 1 - Complete the Counseling Evaluation form
Evaluation 2 - Complete the Biblical Counselors Theological Evaluation form
Evaluation 3 - Complete 5 page abstract on the book "Why Christians Can't Trust Psychology"
Evaluation 4 - Complete 10 page abstract on the book "The Chirstian Counselors Manual"
Evaluation 5 - Complete 5 page abstract on the book "How to Counsel God's Way"
Evaluation 6 - Complete 5 page abstract on the book "Curing the Heart"
Practice 1 - Complete 50 hours of supervised counseling ($300 mentorship fee)
Recommendation 1 - Complete Criminal Background Check form
Recommendation 2 - Obtain letter of recommendation from SkyPath Training Center Director
Recommendation 3 - Obtain letter of recommendation from Church or Organization where counseling will be performed
Recommendation 4 - Submit forms to IABC for processing ($40 processing fee plus $75 annual certification fee)