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September 29th, 2016    Fragile Power - by Pastor Scott Crutchfield
2Cor 4.7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.

“earthen vessels” – ostrakinois skeuesin
This is the only place in the bible “earthen” – “ostrakinois” is used. It literally means, “baked clay,” and is used here to describe the fragility of the human body. Our fragile, breakable lives houses the miracle of the Holy Spirit. Isn’t this strange? Why wouldn’t such a treasure be housed in a much more durable and strong structure?

Ft. Knox Depository
One of the most secure structures on the planet is Ft Knox, which holds much of the United States’ gold reserves, along with other precious items. The walls of the depository feature 4-foot-thick granite and steel construction built to withstand a direct hit from an atomic bomb! The main entry way features a 22 ton, blast-proof door. Surveillance cameras, some visible, others not, cover every inch of the building with state of the art infrared video technology. To even reach the building you must pass multiple barriers including three 10-foot-high electrical fences armed with motiondetection technology. 30,000 Army troops are available, along with 600 tanks, should the speciallytrained United States Mint Police be overwhelmed. Experts speculate the presence of virtual trip wires, biometric defenses, flooding tunnels and even land mines litter the acres surrounding the facility. If you make it past the these, and the Army, Police, electrical fences, and blast proof doors, you’ll find the vault housed inside 27 inches of solid steel. No human technology is capable of blasting through this vault’s impenetrable walls.

A Strange Twist
If it were me, and I were tasked with finding a home for the Holy Spirit Himself, God’s very Presence on the planet, I would “house” Him at Ft. Knox. Think about it, if you had some precious treasure you were responsible for “protecting,” wouldn’t you want “it” to be in the safest possible structure? Why, then, would Yahweh, in His perfect wisdom choose to “house” this most precious of Treasures in a human body?

God’s VIPs
In God’s plan, He chooses to display His majestic strength with the backdrop of complete vulnerability. We’re vulnerable and fragile in our fleshly design, making the glory of Yahweh’s strength all the more amazing. Secondly, the Holy Spirit must live “within” us for true intimacy to occur. Our growth and transformation are directly linked to our proximity to God. The closer we are, the more we grow. Thirdly, we must possess the Holy Spirit and be possessed by Him. Our very bodies must provide a home for Him as He seeks to transform our hearts and minds. Vulnerability, Intimacy, and Possession then are fundamental truths of our sanctification. Our heightened awareness of our vulnerability serves to deepen our dependence upon His strength! Dependence (and the strength it yields) is then perfected in our awareness of, and sensitivity to our weakness!

See Also Weakness Inspired Dependence: Gen 41.16; Exo 17.11; 2Kin 6.27; 2Chr 20.12; Psa 22.10; Psa 127.1; Jer 10.23; Jhn 3.27; Jhn 15.4-5; Act 3.12; 1Cor 4.7; 2Cor 3.5

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